Can I get custom backdrops?

We can absolutely print custom for you! Our current custom options include:

  • Custom colours from your CMYK, RGB or HEX references
  • Custom templates like repeating logos and graphic designs
  • Custom artwork prepared from your own imagery

You can find all of our custom options here →

For all custom we currently offer the following size options:


  • 60 x 90cm / 2 x 3ft
  • 90 x 120cm / 3 x 4ft


  • 1 x 1.5m / 3.5 x 5ft
  • 1 x 2.1m / 3.5 x 7ft

Custom sizes
We do not offer custom sizing at this time. The sizes available are optimised to minimise waste from the larger rolls of substrate we print on, and for compatibility with our finishing equipment and shipping process.

Turnaround time
Custom orders require +1 working day to print (but we always try to get them out sooner if we can), plus delivery time.